Hi! I'm trying to extract Armen Noir's bgm and script and I did everything as you said but quickbms gives me an error, sky tool doesn't find any at3 or wav T_T The union.dns that I decompressed as a .cpk and the actual union.cpk in the USRDIR section are exactly the same! I don't understand what I'm doing wrong :\ I did the same thing in every game that I had like Wand of fortune,death connection etc and it worked :( Can you help me?

You can get the BGM here, don’t know about the script. You can try various iterations of utf_tab.

According to the site I linked, the files for Armen Noir Portable were unpacked from the CPK using utf_tab, and the image files were renamed to ar2 (get this info from the header) and converted. If you do manage to extract the CPK, you should get a folder called ‘script’ in addition to ‘bgm’, ‘chara’ and so on.

(same anon) Actually, I tried the VERY latest version of PPSSPP and it actually worked. Ofc it took ages for the menu to load up once I pressed start. But after that, everything was smooth. I was wondering, Im not sure if you would know, but would there be any future glitches though? I'm afraid the CG gallery/scene recollections/etc might not work.. :( Hope that won't be the case!

I have no idea, but glad to hear that it’s working smoothly for the most part. If there are any glitches, you should talk to the devs at the PPSSPP forums. Also, I’ve only used JPCSP, and even then, the last time I used it was a long time ago. Maybe you should consider buying a used PSP locally (Craigslist, Kijiji, groups dedicated to selling stuff used in your town or city on FB, eBay), which would cost you maybe $50. A worthwhile investment at this point.

Do you know where I can download PersonA ~Opera Za no Kaijin~ OSTs?

Nope. Google? Or buy?

Hello, I know you don't take requests but I saw you extracted the files from Shiratsuyu no kai and was wondering if you still had the system files for the game. If not, I can probably try to extract them myself. Thank you for your time ovo

I assume you mean the menus, the text and stuff. I extracted and converted the stuff in the ‘system’ folder.

sjkdfjsg ok i lied wof2 extracted but it's wof1FD/mirai e no prologue that doesn't extract for me orz



Is there a CPK? List the contents. I have the CG pack, and it looks like the game’s contents can be extracted.

Unfortunately not. There’s only a file called PARAM.SFO and then there’s another folder that looks like:


I know UNI files can be extracted but I don’t know any tools that do it. What are the headers? Have you tried the Console File Scanner with CHARA.UNI, for example?

sjkdfjsg ok i lied wof2 extracted but it's wof1FD/mirai e no prologue that doesn't extract for me orz

Is there a CPK? List the contents. I have the CG pack, and it looks like the game’s contents can be extracted.

Quick question, one of your posts linked to a 2012 thread saying that Japanese PSN store accepts foreign cards. Well..I don't think it does. When I login and try to put in CC info, it asks for a Japanese address. I'd imagine once you put in your card number and it doesn't match, they won't accept it most likely. From what I read recently it seems like buying prepaid PSN cards is the only way at this point. If you have more/different info please let me know!

Yup. times have changed since this guide came out. Now you’ll have to buy a Japanese PSN card if you live outside Japan and want PSN games. I guess the PSN store works like iTunes now—segregated by region in terms of what you can and can’t buy. :/

I'm really sorry for asking this, but can you put the Eikoku tantei mysteria Cg pack in other download website other than megashare? I cannot download it ;w;

Use this website to download the CGs from megashare: http://exrapidleech.info/

It won’t work if you have an ad-blocker add-on on your web browser. So to bypass this, stop the page from loading before it hits the ‘diable your ad-blocker’ page. Then copy and paste the megashare URL into the ‘link to transload’ area.

Bakumatsu Rock sprites and some miscellaneous stuff I found in the UI folder. I don’t think this game has any CGs but it looks like a damn fun rhythm game.





次は私のアップリです。とても古いので、この頃にiPod Touchをぜんぜん使っていませんけど、アップリをまだ削除しませんでした。



ファイルサイズは10MBの下にあれば、たいていBGMやCGはアップリの中に保存しません。その場合、アップリは恐らくオンラインサーバーからCGやBGMをiPhone/iPad/iPod Touchにダウンロードします。も、アップリを開始するにWiFiや3G/4Gを持たなければいけない。





でも、変更できます。「QuickTime 7」で。